Friday, May 13, 2016

Threads in My Coffee; Thistles in my Spinach

When I'm not working at the paying job or picking threads out of my coffee (aka quilting) I am usually gardening (aka weeding). 

 I get a lot of inspiration for my quilts from my garden. My quilts are my winter garden. 

I'm off today so took a camera tour around the garden. It's wet and chilly and supposed to rain again this afternoon.  When it rains I'll sew until the grandkids get here for the weekend. 

Tree Peony in bloom  - not to be confused with herbaceous peonies. 

Another Tree Peony

My Azalea. I didn't think I was going to get any blooms this year. The deer ate most of the wood and there are hardly any leaves on the plant. 

Clematis is blooming and I need to tie it up to the trellis and cut out that awful wild mulberry bush growing next to it. 

Centaurea Montana or Mountain's really kind of a weed that pops up here and there throughout the gardens.  I like blue flowers. 

Old fashioned Iris.  They are not as pretty as the Bearded Irises but they are easy to grow and over the years I've dug up the rhizomes and planted clumps here and there. 

Bleeding Heart. 

My strawberries are blooming.

And there are thistles (and maple tree seeds) in my spinach. 

There's never enough time. Is there?


Julierose said...

beautiful garden pictures!! Love those tree peonies--stunning shots hugs, Julierose

Ali Honey said...

Great garden photos. You didn't mention the fab perfume that azalea has. ( it's a deciduous one I think by the look of it and they all have really strong smells ) I hope your plant of it grows back.

Kaja said...

The first time my tree peony bloomed I was so excited I dragged my large teenage boys down the garden and made them pretend they were impressed. Yours are gorgeous, as, it seems, is the rest of your garden, weeds notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely garden you have. Is the bleeding heart easy to grow? It is beautiful.
blessings, jill

Dasha said...

Lovely walk through your garden Cathy. Thanks for taking us through.

gayle said...

Never ever enough time.
Beautiful flowers! (Now I want a tree peony...)

Janie said...

Fabulous flowers, thanks for sharing. I think they're all my favorites.
Irises are stunning. I've had run ins with thistle too.

Deb said...

Lovely garden photos, I can see how they would influence your quilt making, often I am inspired by my garden when I do embroidery.