Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rolling Stones (aka Broken Wheels)

I'm a failure. 
I didn't accomplish last month's OMG (One Monthly Goal). 
I was going to make 28 more Rosebud blocks but I only made 14 . 
I'm changing goals this month.
I hope to have my Rolling Stones at least assembled into a top by the end of May.
I requested this block for my birthday from ladies in 3 different "birthday clubs" - in fabric of choice on neutral background.  I will be using 20 blocks that go together pretty well plus sashing in this quilt and the rest will go into the Orphan Box to be used at a later date.  (Or maybe they will go on the back.)
And if I get the lap quilt completely finished that will be a bonus. 

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Maybe I'll call it Broken Stones, Rolling Wheels or how about - Gather No Moss. 


Anonymous said...

I would not call 14 blocks a failure. Positive thinking;-) I'm excited if I can get one block done and would probably faint if I did 14, lol. LOVE your Kaleidoscope quilt from the other day.
blessings, jill

Dasha said...

You mustn't ever call yourself a failure. You do wonderful work, and plenty of it. Sometimes we don't get done what we wished to do, but then I will bet my boots you did other things instead. Go pat your back for having done what you did. Its lovely.

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

these are gorgeous blocks / failure my foot! :0 )

Julierose said...

you are definitely not failing--omg--14 blocks--that would b heaven for me....i am aiming at 3 per week!!! and mine are are just such a fabulous creative quilter--don't push yourself so hard--relax...have fun hugs, Julierose

Sally Trude said...

Oh my. If your level of productivity is a "failure," I'm going back to bed and staying there! Besides, we all know that monthly goals are a bit odd, given some months go much faster than others (especially in the spring).

Kaja said...

Not a failure, just a slow achiever or rearranger of priorities. Good luck this month!

Heidi said...

@#*@ Happens, haha! It looks like I may be repeating my May goal is June.

How is the quilt top coming along?