Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jack's Chain and Pickle Dish Progress

 I finally gathered enough 3 inch 9 patches to work again on my Jack's Chain quilt. 
(Some of the 39Ps are from a swap). 
This is what got added and it sure includes a lot of Y seams. I'm starting to get the hang of them. 

One thing I found out...if you swap 3 inch 9 patches you need to make sure they are all exactly the correct size. I think one swapper's blocks were about 1/8 inch too big and that sure throws off Y seams! It took me awhile to figure it out. 

I think I will add this much again x 2 and the quilt will be ready for hand quilting. 
This will be a wedding quilt that will go into my grandson's hope chest. 

And I've made more arches for a Pickle Dish wedding quilt for a granddaughter's hope chest. 
I think I have 52 arches and need 72. 

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Julierose said...

Pickle Dish is a definite on my list as well as my 9-patch jag...I found my OTHER brighter scrap/string blocks that I had hung in the closet--it yelled out--"What about me???!!" I have it laid out on my dining table--it will go together next. AFTER my Woven Wall gets bound...I am so determined to finish up!! Hugs, Julierose--P.S. your Jack's is so gorgeous!!

Sally T said...

I can hardly wait to see that pickle dish come together. Are you in some kind of productivity competition with Wanda at Exuberant Color? And I love the idea of the grand kids hope chest. My grand nephews are three years and 5 days respectively, I'd better get to work!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Both of these are going to be spectacular! I am looking forward to the end of the year when I can assemble by RSC pickle dish. I love making those blocks that I would love to start another one. LOL

Nilya said...

wonderful Projects here :)

Gina said...

Jack's Chain is turning into a stunning quilt. If ever you need some more 9 patches just yell xx