Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Churn Dash and Churn

Ok. So my blog post title today sounds like the name of a still life painting or something but I just couldn't resist taking a photo of my Churn Dash Quilt with a photo of my dusty old churn. 

Side note: I haven't ever used the butter churn but I have made butter several times with the grandkids.  We shake up cream in a jar with marbles - no churn dash - and love to eat it on homemade muffins or homemade biscuits. 

60 x 72
120- 6 inch churn dash blocks in Civil War reproduction fabrics. 

I swapped some of the blocks last year with members of Block_Swappers. And also last year I swapped CW Repro 2.5 inch fabric strips with members of Quiltville Swap.

I did some straight line vertical and horizontal quilting on my plain Jane Janome. 

I quilted each side of the center squares and then also quilted in the ditch between blocks. 

I don't really like to quilt in the ditch. It's kind of hard to neatly stay in the ditch when you can't really see the ditch all too well. 

But, it's a UFO and it's done. It's washed. It's crinkly soft. It's mine. 

And it will keep me warm this winter while I'm sitting on the couch in this old farm house (heated by wood) eating those homemade biscuits with homemade butter.     (Side note: I don't sit on the couch covered in a quilt to eat those same homemade biscuits if they are covered with homemade jam instead of butter. I end up covered in quilt and jam.) 


Andee said...

Way to cross a ufo off your list, this one is really cute too. I have fallen in love with churn dashes this year!

Vic in NH said...

What a wonderful new antique quilt! The borderless setting is so authentic. Kudos to you on such a great quilt, now finished

Maggie said...

Wow what a beautiful quilt and so nice that you're using it too. X

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

I just love this! Churn Dash... a real old favourite of mine! Linda

ipatchandquilt said...

Your churn dash is gorgeous!!!
A real treasure!

Julierose said...

Neat quilt--and the picture of you sitting and eating covered with it on the sofa to stay warm--well, welcome to my world!! It is pouring rain here and I am wrapped in a quilt and having my morning coffee...hugs Julierose

Nann said...

Nice job, Cathy! I think a few of those blocks came from me.

Prima Donna said...

Wow! I think that first photo is suitable for framing. Love this quilt! Beautiful job!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Great picture! Great quilt! I used to churn butter as a child with a butter churn that had a handle to crank! Love the fabrics in your churn!

Ellen said...

Really nice quilt - love it! Your first photo in particular is wonderful.

Kathy S. said...

Stunning scrappy goodness! I love it!