Thursday, November 14, 2013

The First Time...

...I've tried a Kaleidoscope block. 

I've seen a lot of them in blog land over the years and have always wanted to try them but they looked pretty complicated to me. Then I found out there's a kaleidoscope ruler. I bought one with a 40% off coupon. The blocks are easier to make than I thought. I used 1.5 inch scraps in blue and brown for the kaleidoscope and blue and brown crumbs for the corners.  Block will finish at 12 inches.  I figured the crumbs in the corners would look kind of like all those little pieces that move around in the kaleidoscope until they assemble into  a beautiful image. 

The first time I've tried cutting and using bias strips. 

I normally stay away from anything to do with the word "bias".  But this month's Block Lotto block required it. And even though we are not required to make any blocks for Block Lotto I did. I've been craving some challenges lately.  I had to sew the bias handle on by hand since I really don't see well enough to sew it down on each side by machine.  I hope to get a few more made before the end of the month but this is a busy month. 

I'll be on the road tomorrow. It's a ten hour trip to my brother's house. We are having a little reunion to welcome home my nephew from Germany where he's been stationed for a couple of years.  I've prepped some Grandma's Butterflies to take along for handwork and downloaded a couple of books to my Kindle. I'll be back late Monday. 


Ellen said...

All of your blocks look so good!

Julierose said...

Your K-scope is lovely and those baskets are really pretty. I have trouble seeing my fabric going through my machine also. I am near-sighted, so I take my glasses down and scooch over the sewing machine bed--maybe that's why my shoulders get tired--duh!! Hugs Julierose