Sunday, November 3, 2013


I've been working on some butterflies to finish a project I've been working on for a couple of months which will be revealed in a couple of weeks.   I cut these from some of my different butterfly fabrics. 

When I cut around the butterfly I leave about a 1/4 inch border. I then pick a fabric for the underside of the butterfly and pin butterfly and backing fabric right sides together and cut out all around. 

I then do a back stitch around the butterfly and don't worry too much about the body part in the middle.  After stitching you can trim seam a little closer but if you trim too close...well, just don't do that or you will have to start over like I did.   Clip curves. 

I then make a slit in the back and turn right butterfly right side out through that little hole. I then roughly sew up the hole.   When I add the butterflies to my project I will use beads or bullion knots to make the butterfly bodies and that will also fasten them to the project. You won't really see that slit or mess where I sewed all the fabric that frayed in the turning process.  I think I have some Fray Check I can use on those spots also. 

And speaking of butterflies...I finished 3 more and almost finished another three appliqued  and blanket stitched butterflies.  

So, that's it for this Slow Stitching Sunday.  Jump on the Slow Stitching Sunday bandwagon and head on over to Kathy's Quilts for the linky party.   I'll probably see what everyone is up to tomorrow after work. 

Doesn't seem like there's enough time in a day even with an extra hour.  (This old body will take a while week or so to adjust to the time change.)


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Can't wait to see what you are doing with the butterflies. I love the fabrics you are using for the butterflies in the quilt!

Quilter Kathy said...

You are on a roll with butterfly production! Thanks for linking up and sharing your progress.

Deb A said...

I can't wait to see what those butterfly's turn into! I am very intrigued and have a great butterfly print of scraps left in the stash.....
Your butterfly blocks are beautiful. Remind me of beautiful old quilts. My favorite.