Friday, April 5, 2013

Crazy Cravings - April 2013 CQJP 2013

 I've finished my April block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2013.  Like last year's project, Crazy Basket Case, this is going to be a lap quilt.  I'm using mostly blues, pinks and browns and adding lots of those things I'm constantly craving.

I crocheted the brown pink cream colored edging and ran a ribbon through it. I kind of thought it looked like frosting. Ok, well, maybe if you stretch the imagination a little...

The edging pattern came from the book above that I picked up from the thrift store a long time ago. I'm not very good at tatting but I might try one of the tatting patterns one of these days too. 

Chocolate chips...I think the pistil stitches kind of echo the fabric it is edging. 

 Buttonhole pointing up and the other down. They look kind of like a spiked chain stitch now that I see them in this picture. 
Speaking of chain stitch...two rows above the "coffee" in variegated DMC. I think it sort of looks like steam and echos the fabric above it.   "Coffee" was embroidered with one strand of brown and one strand of antique effects DMC. 

Finished?  This block is my finish for a monthly challenge, CQJP 2013.  So it's a finish. But it's only a part of a larger project that's not finished.  

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Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

This is really pretty! I just love your theme... it looks like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

There is something magical about crazy quilts. I love your blocks.

Anonymous said...

There is something magical about crazy quilts. I love your blocks.

Teresa in Music City said...

I just love your crazy coffee block!!! And your edging is amazing! I love lacy edgings on just about anything :*)

Schulz Family said...

visiting from finish it up friday. I love love your stitching. The cupcake and coffee looks awesome

Anonymous said...

Those are funky stitches! Very cute!~

Pattilou said...

Now that was an ambitious project. Love the outcome!

Richard Healey said...

Thank you for Linking Up to LAFF.

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