Friday, July 27, 2012

Working on It

Handquilted in variegated brown perle #8. This is my first time hand quilting and I rather enjoy the process even tho' this old farmhouse has no a/c and it's been over 100 degrees on some of the days I've worked on this. (Call me driven? Call me crazy?) I love this embroidery frame (or whatever it's called). On the other hand, I've tried to use several different types of thimbles and liked none of them. The callous on the end of my finger will have to do.  I may add binding tomorrow and be finished with it. Then I'll wash it and hope none of my thread knots come loose since this is the first time I've done the hidden knots and I've done a lot of them.

I love chocolate! 

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Laurie said...

Love it Cathy, I have this same frame and I like it so much better than the spring type. I need to try applique, you make it very tempting!