Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Midnight Fantasy Garden (A WIP)

This is block 5 of my midnight fantasy Garden. There's not much completed on it yet except Mr. Gnome and a butterfly. I'm going to add a lot of bugs to this block. At top is a beetle and the dragonfly is made of glow in the dark thread.  You can see a little bit of a glow in the dark praying mantis down in the right hand corner. I want to do some stumpwork mushrooms and butterflies to add to this block as well as some more glow in the dark things.

This is block 4 of Midnight Fantasy Garden. I previously posted a little bit about this block but have added some items since - mostly a lot of pansies and a little mouse.

I blogged about block 1 which is complete and blocks 2 and 3 are out in RRs. Not sure how many blocks I'm going to have all together but this is going to be a glow in the dark midnight fantasy garden  large wallhanging to hang in the spare bedroom where the 7 yo granddaughters sleep when they visit every other weekend.

I'm linking up at Sharon Boggon's Pintangle WIP Wednesday.  (That reminds me...I really, really need to catch up on my TAST).


Lyndsey said...

Great work. your granddaughters should love it when it is completed.

Unknown said...

I love this!!! The idea of a glow-in-the-dark quilt is brilliant! I wish I could come and see it. I bought some gitd thread years ago but never did anything with it. Perhaps I will have a look for it.
Your July basket is very cute.

Annet said...

These blocks are great, I'm sure your granddaughters love this too. Love the gnome and the fairy!