Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Crazy Stuff

First up is my work on Wendy's Angel themed block. I hope the motif looks like an angel. I used organza ribbon for her skirt, gold metallic cord couched for her wings with some hairy type yard couched down in between the cord. I used perle #8 bullions for her hair and gold metallic effects DMC for the trumpet. I am not real happy with the trumpet and was ready to rip it all out and use the finer gold sulky...but it is what it is. pink color study block arrived home. Jenni, Ruby and Nina did all the stitching on this lovely block.  And, I just finished my stitching on Jenni's pink block...

Someone before me left that dark pink rose all by itself on the block so I added more around it - a pink yoyo, more pink roses and some other flowers. Now it's not so lonesome.

Someone had added this feather stitch so I further embellished it with bullions. I also crocheted the butterfly and added a body of beads...

...again, someone before me left these bead flowers out in the middle of nowhere on this block so I added a bunch of feather stitch with variegated lazy daisy stitches and a few bullion roses on the seam. I know...the photo is dark.

This is Jenni's completed pink block ready to be sent home when I can get to the P.O. She dyed a tea towel with that teapot motif pink and added other fabric on it. I had a very hard time doing my stitching on this since there were so many buttons on it when it came my turn and my threads kept getting caught up in them. Oh, and I added the crocheted flowers in the upper right corner to balance the butterfly in the lower left.

And finally, these are all the color studies I've participated in so far. I always piece my naked blocks with a heart.


Anonymous said...

It's often fun to be the last to stitch on a block and add bits and pieces to others' work. Beatiful work, Cathy!

Cris in MT

Laurie said...

I know Wendy loves your angel Cathy, so do I! this will be a fun rr. Love how you incorporate the hearts on your blocks. Beautiful!