Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sew It Up!

This is my work on Carol's 6 inch block for a RR at CQI. I think a lot of the ladies in this RR are going to make sewing machine covers but  I think Carol is going to make a wall hanging for her sewing room.
That chain with bullion roses above the embroidered scissors is supposed to be a scissor fob. I don't have one but I stitched one. (Note to self: make one so you don't keep losing your scissors in the couch cushions). I found some trim in my stash that had tape measure markings that I used to cover up the tape measure I didn't like under it. Lucky I found that trim because I was going to try to figure out how to print or stitch a tape measure on some rayon tape. I also had little spools in my stash that I won in a contest. I wrapped it with some thread from my ort jar. I used silver sulky to make "pins" and a needle in the fabric. And, the safety pins are real...attached with gold sulky. Oh, to embroider the scissors I used one strand of DMC antique effects and one strand of plain old DMC in order to get a scissory looking metallic effect.

Then, with this RR, we all agreed to stitch jointly on one block so when all 6 blocks get back home to the owner they can just whip them all together into their project. Anyway, I embroidered a thimble in gold sulky, a spool of thread in DMC and a needle in silver sulky. And, yikes, the needle sure looks crooked in this extreme closeup. But, some of my needles are a little crooked so... I also added a few silk ribbon flowers with some button centers.


Laurie said...

I was going to join the rr but my plate or should I say craft table, is full! I love the block Cathy!

Wendy said...

What a cute block! I really like what you did to this block.....