Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Never Grow Tired of the 30s (Mood Lifting) Reproduction Fabrics

The latest Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks. I need to count how many I have now. I have them all tucked into the book.
Wild Rose and Square. (Trivia: wild roses are the Iowa state flower. I have them in my wooded area and they are difficult to eradicate after they become a thicket).

Practical Orchard. (Again, I don't know how some of these blocks get their name; however, I thought a block with orchard in its name needed some branchy looking fabric as well as some fruit. My own orchard has apples, pears, cherries, grapes, black raspberries and blackberries.)

Railroad. (As in some of my Irish ancestors worked on. I can kind of see the reason for the name of this block).

Prairie Queen. (A wildflower that I used to have growing on our "prairie" but it seems to have disappeared completely).

Wedding Ring. (Do you know mine is a black gold band? Roses and leaves. I really don't much care for diamonds. I'm a plain jane kind of girl.).

Color me happy.

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