Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Sick and Tired...

I'm rarely sick but some respiratory illness (aka funk) has had me down for about a month now. I've been so tired, barely able to breathe, coughing non-stop, had a headache and at one time couldn't hear. I only stayed home from work one day when I just couldn't get out of bed and I refuse to give any money to a doctor for a virus (well, maybe at this point I'm dealing with bacteria, but I THINK I'm getting better now). My coworkers tell me I smell like a jar of Vick's Vaporub and run when I start coughing.  

A while ago I had purchased a pamphlet and some yarn in order to try my hands at crocheting socks but have been too tired to pay close attention to any instructions. I've also been too tired to walk downstairs to finish the story time quilt I've been making for the grandkids and too tired to think of what to stitch on some CQ round robins. So, after work when I haven't been going straight to bed I've crocheted a couple of dishcloths since mine are pretty gross looking right now. And now that I'm in the groove I'll probably make a couple to add to my Christmas gift box. Here's that last one I made draped over my dirty bread making bowl I inherited from DH's grandma. I made whole wheat biscuits for breakfast last weekend (even tho' I was too tired to get up off my butt) and served them with homemade strawberry jam. The grandkids loved them. And so did I. That's why the dirty bowl. I do love homemade breads.

BTW, my DH, the diswasher, loves the new dishcloth.

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