Saturday, May 28, 2011

Color Theory

Imagine my surprise to find some time to read blogs this morning and to find my name and bird blocks on Gerry's blog  .

I made two sets of blocks but have a few more. They are going to be a bedrunner to go over a sane version of a bird quilt. I've worked on a few of the blocks myself but didn't take pics because I thought they needed something more.

As you can see...there's a wide array of colors going through the blocks.  And what follows are pics of some of the same fabrics used in the sane version of the quilt.
Side view.  Disregard the boxes of scraps in the background.

Anyway...back to color theory. Gerry basically says several people use color with wild abandon and must experience an inner joy. More to that later.

My idea of color theory?

 I think all crayons look good in a box together no matter how many crayons are in there. And if a few spill out I still think they all look good together. And, if I don't have a box of crayons and just have some broken ones...I'll be happy using what I have. 

I think all plants look good in a garden center. I buy plants (or start them from seed) I like with no regard to color or height and plop them in my flower gardens and sometimes in my veggie garden with the same disregard. And, if some pretty weeds grow up with them that's all right too. And, if the plants reseed themselves and pop up outside their original boundaries I leave them glad that they love it in my garden and glad I didn't have to pay for that plant. Cottage gardens. That's what I have.  I don't think the original prairies full of wildflowers that existed here on the plains were planted according to a plan sketched out on graph paper.

My sane quilts are almost always "scrappy" - I use what I have with wild abandon and I always like the end result which is practical too...a quilt someone somewhere can use. Scrappy quilts remind me of grandma who turned old clothes into quilts during the depression. Grandma was my hero.

Now, if you met me for the first time you would find me very quiet and reserved...a observer. I would probably be dressed in dark colors...nothing that would stand out but would instead blend into the woodwork. You might think me a snob instead of shy and I would do nothing to disuade you from your thoughts. I wouldn't have a smile on my face. I rarely smile or laugh. I do have a sense of inner peace although from an early age I have had to fight depression. I fight depression by escaping into a book, my garden or by sewing and not by escape into a bottle or pills like those who came before me. I feel a sense of joy when I walk into my garden and get hit in the face by all the colors. I feel a sense of joy when I use colors with wild abandon. How can you not smile?

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