Monday, September 18, 2017

Every Once in Awhile I Finish Something!

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies
51 x 58
Hand quilted

The butterflies were made out of floral scraps. 

I used Coats & Clark hand quilting thread in different colors to stitch on the butterflies and in white to stitch 1/4 inch outside around  the butterflies. 

I used a stencil and mechanical pencil to mark some areas between butterflies with "flowers". I stitched those in white so they don't show very well.   You can still see a little of the marks which usually don't show after washing but I had to wash by hand since my washing machine is broken.  I wanted to get it washed to see how this batting on rolls I recently purchased worked before I used more of it. I like the batting so will go ahead now and sandwich more quilts. It needles nicely too.  It's Pellon Natures Touch Natural Blend 80/20 and I see it went up in price since I bought the two rolls. I finally went through all my batting pieces I pieced together so thought I'd try something on rolls. 

( Side note/rant in regard to washers: I'm waiting for new washer to come - an old fashioned wringer washer. Seriously! We are tired of washers that have computerized components and last about five years and then cost more to fix than it costs to buy a new one.  Our very first washing machine lasted more than 20 years and was plain and simple. So we are back to plain and even simpler.   Our basement where we have the washer/dryer is dark and damp most of the time and has no air conditioning so we think that the newer machines don't do well in that type of environment.) 

And here's the back. 

Won't it be nice to cuddle up with some butterflies and a good book or seed catalog this winter ! 


Julierose said...

Oh it will--such a lovely quilt...neat pattern...lovely quilting
CONGRATS!! hugs, Julierose

Created by Kathi said...

I just love your colorful version of this quilt... esp compared to their stark 2 color quilt shown with the pattern! What a fun quilt to use your stash up with too :) Thanks for sharing this finish... as for the remaining pencil marks... try scrubbing them with a veggie brush and Palmolive dish soap... rinse then rewash by hand if your new machine isn't there yet... bet they come out... Palmolive is the secret ingredient I use for pencil marks.. I mark kind of heavy usually and it takes them out when other detergents don't :) Kathi

---"Love" said...

Your Butterfly quilt is gorgeous, from front to back! I've printed the pattern so maybe someday I'll find time to try making one. (I do have a long list of "want to make"s, but this one may just cut the lineup.) ---"Love"

Linda said...

What a lovely butterfly quilt. The background fabric is so pretty. Great finish!

mangozz said...

Very pretty quilt! I really like the background and backing especially. My grandmother always used a wringer washer and wouldn't try anything else. Good luck with yours.

PaulaB quilts said...

A beautiful finish! It's the best butterfly pattern ever, even if it is a moth. It really shows off your flowery fabrics. Congratulations.

MissPat said...

I think I love,the back as much as the front. Good choice. I fear the day I have to replace the washer and dryer. I do not want a front loading, high-efficiency model of either. I know the day is coming, but so far the Sears repair guy has managed to keep both aging machines going. They don't make any appliances like the old ones.

Daffycat said...

Lovely butterflies! I am in awe you bought an old fashioned washtub. I would worry I'd put my back out and we'd have nothing to wear! On the other hand - great exercise, right? But I know what you mean about washers, or really any thing manufactured these days, sure aren't made to last!

Janie said...

Congratulations on finishing your butterfly quilt. I agree, lovely!
The backing is the perfect choice. And hand quilting too.
What a fun adventure, a wringer washer. My mom had one of
those when I was a child, I remember her using it.
I'll be back for updates on that.

Ann said...

You finished this quilt so beautifully. Congratulations. I am always impressed when someone hand quilts (not big stitch) this quickly, remembering my last hand project took 30 years. I love the colors you chose for the butterflies, the background and the back. They work well together.
I think a non-computerized washing machine might work very well for you. Our last one quit after about five years, too. We don't have a basement but the same principle applies.

audrey said...

Very striking quilt! And of course you finish things! It's just that you have so much going it barely makes a dent.:) Good for you getting a new washer without all the new mumbo jumbo. I'm thinking that's exactly what I'll do next time it's time to do something to 'fix' mine.

cspoonquilt said...

It's a very pretty quilt and I love the back!

Kaja said...

It seems to me you finish things all the time! I somehow hadn't got the size of these moths right in my head, but of course now I can see it properly. I like the variety of moths a lot, and all your
fab quilting.

Louise said...

Congrats on a lovely finish! I've been admiring this quilt all along; it's so nice to see it done. Will you keep it, or give it away?