Monday, July 24, 2017

Assignment Complete!

Quilts #7 and #8

I didn't make the tops but I finished them up. 

A few weeks ago about 17 ladies of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild  met for a retreat in Omaha to make quilt tops for the projects we sponsor (Quilts Beyond Borders and Wrap-A-Smile).   The ladies expected to make around 100 quilt tops but exceeded expectations with 184 quilt tops in total.   I was unable to attend the retreat but volunteered to finish 5 quilt tops.   Well, I received 8 quilts to finish but that's okay...I used the opportunity to practice my free motion quilting.   

I used leftover pieces of batting to make what some refer to as Frankenbatts.   I received fabrics for three of the eight backings for a Fabric Fairy and I used thread I found on clearance.  The bindings on most of the 8 quilts were made from scraps. 

With these two finishes my volunteer quilting assignment is compete. 

This top has a cute and colorful lizard print (at least I think they are lizards).  One of the threads I found on clearance was a variegated brown thread. I decided lizards like to play and hide under leaves so I quilted some brown variegated leaves with a few berries thrown in here and there. 

 The leaves show up a little better on the orange dot back. 

On the string quilt I had the intention of quilting snowflakes in the red centers (ala Lori Kennedy at Inbox Jaunt) because I have a quilt that needs some snowflakes quilted on it and so need some practice.  BUT my thread kept breaking after numerous thread changes, bobbin changes, dustings, needle changes, rethreadings and cusswords.   So there's snowflakes around the two diamonds that are in the quilt but the rest of it is quilted with squiggly lines.    And I THINK the breaking thread problem was due to a burr on the face plate caused by a needle break but don't know for certain. I haven't quilted anything since but did file down the rough spot on the face plate. 

For the backing I had a piece of wide red backing leftover from another quilt that was the perfect size.  

More about: Quilts Beyond Borders (quilts are provided to children in need both nationally and internationally.  This link takes you to the latest Giles Early Education Project [GEEP], an Appalachian community, and you will see one of the quilts I donated - a St. Louis 16 patch.  It's always fun to see where the quilts end up.)

Wrap-A-Smile- a partner of Rotaplast. 
Rotaplast provides surgery for children worldwide with cleft lip/palate and burn scarring.

This completes goals 9 & 11 for    Q3 Finish-Along


Julierose said...

Good finishes for you--such a nice program...some people will be so thrilled.
hugs, Julierose

Dollandesign said...

Your quilts are so beautiful!


Mystic Quilter said...

Lovely quilts for a great cause, I'm sure whoever is lucky enough to receive these quilts will be very happy!

Linda said...

Excellent finishes, Cathy. Can't come to terms with your hugely quick turnarounds. The quilts are great!

Louise said...

Cute finishes! I feel your pain with frustrating thread breaks...I hope the burr removal does the trick to fix that particular annoyance!

margaret said...

good finishes here amazed so many quilts were made what a great group of stitchers. I have just quilted one for the Ariana Grande bombing that happened in Manchester, the quilts have all been made with 5" hexies on 6.5" squares they will go to the relatives of those that were killed.

Sarah said...

You did a lovely job finishing up the quilts for such great causes. Good work, and nice opportunity to practice your fmq skills. On behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts, thank you for participating in this quarter's finish along.