Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kaleidoscopes, Butterflies, Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

These four lonely old blocks have been sitting around in my sewing room since October 2014. Can you believe it? I know because I looked up my blog post about these and other quilts I wanted to make with men's shirts.   I think I made these blocks right after I bought a kaleido ruler.  By the way, I think someone asked last month about what ruler I use. It is a Quilt Sense Kaleidoscope Triangle Ruler by Marti Mitchell. 

So, why did I drag these blocks out again after all these years? 

My daughter brought me a pile of men's shirt pieces (and other things - more about that later) that she picked up free at a church down the street from her. Whenever they have a rummage sale they give her for free the things that didn't sell. A lot of times those are fabric scraps or unfinished embroidery projects that she brings to me since she has no crafty bones in her body. 

Well, I already have my own pile (boxes, bags) of men's shirt pieces so I thought since I'm trying to clean out all the scraps from my sewing room I had better get busy and make some blocks with men's shirt pieces to join those four old lonely kaleido blocks. 

And that's what I did. 

This kaleido quilt is different from the other three (all different) kaleido quilts I've finished.  I'm using gray -  mostly solids -  if I have that much in my stash for four wedges in the block and shirts in the other four wedges. 

I hope when I'm finished with the quilt there will be more emphasis on this pattern...

 ...instead of this pattern.  Time will tell. 

Now, back to that box of stuff my daughter brought me from the rummage sale...included in it were these cute little tea napkins. Well, at least that's what I call them. I have a little collection of them as well as other tea items like pots and tea bag holders.  It appears that these are hand embroidered but I I'm not sure. I don't see all that well. 

And here's the other tea napkins that were in the box. 

And then there was the bag of creepy stuff. 
(Sometimes I fix up things from the creepy piles and give them as fun Dirty Santa gifts). 

So, I'm off the subject. Let's get back to butterflies and kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscopes of butterflies...are you working on any of those things? If so, please share! And inspire!


Nann said...

If I had my act together I'd be a part of your butterfly QAL. A friend of mine is a monarch rescuer and I've wanted to make her a quilted monarch something (wallhanging, probably). I have entertained many ideas but nothing has made it to the caterpillar stage....Meanwhile: I've made one kaleidoscope quilt with paper piecing. It turned out well but the paper was a PITA to remove. I'd like to try another one with a specialty ruler. Your mixed shirtings are great for this project....And, be still my beating heart -- I have (way too many) miscellaneous cute textile accessories like those tea napkins / plate liners / whatever they are. I'm reminded of bridge sets -- card-table-sized cloths and impractically-sized napkins. I suspect that many such things were gifts, used once or twice or not at all. I consider myself a "rescuer." You are welcome to use that descriptor, too.

Mystic Quilter said...

Love how the plaid shirt kaleidoscope is looking!

Nifty Quilts said...

Wonderful quilt! I love all the shirt scraps with the grays. Found you on Ann's blog link party.

Kaja said...

I love the grey with shirting - it will be interesting to see where the emphasis lies when it is down. I'm guessing it might shift around but that's all part of the interest in scrappy quilts, isn't it?

audrey said...

Love those shirt plaid the most! Always an interesting project {or two} around here!

Ann said...

I love all these quilts that are being made with men's shirting - like yours and Sujata's. What a great idea to mix quiet solids with them. I look forward to a top in the next few months. Happy Holidays.