Monday, February 22, 2016

Playing in the Rose Garden

12 inch

I had hoped to get more made this weekend but played lots of board games with the grandkids instead.  We had fun. 

And now I have 20 blocks. I want 49. 
I started this quilt in March of 2014. I feel it is time to work on it again.  I wonder how many more different rose themed fabrics I have in my box of roses now. 


gayle said...

I'm always surprised by how many themed fabrics there are. And by how many are hiding in your stash... 8)
You're going to have a lovely rose garden!

audrey said...

So much fun to come over here and check out your latest projects. Your fabric stash is just incredible!

Monica said...

This will be gorgeous, Cathy! I love the solids against the bold prints. Onwards!

Stephie said...

Oh these are lovely Cathy! You've got some great roses in your garden. Have you seen some of the Tilda rose fabrics - very pretty. You're close to half way too, so keep on keeping on!

em's scrapbag said...

Playing with grand kids is important.
Love your beautiful blocks