Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kaleidoscopes of Butterflies

Last year someone commented on my blog that a flock of butterflies was referred to as a kaleidoscope of butterflies.  You learn something new every day.  How fascinating...I love butterflies AND I love kaleidoscopes. So...I decided I needed to have my own kaleidoscope of butterflies that I could appreciate all year long and a quilt was born.  Well, actually 2 kaleidoscope of butterflies quilts were born.  I have lots of butterfly themed fabrics.   

This one will combine flowers and butterflies and will have all blue floral corners...kind of like flowers against the sky.  I'm going to also alternate x and + blocks - darks in different positions in the block so they form an x or a + in the center -  so there will be a secondary pattern.  These are all + versions.  I decided on 10 inch blocks because I had pieces of floral fabrics left over from...

...my unfinished butterfly garden quilt above that were cut at 5.5 inches so might as well start there.  

This is Kaleidoscope of Butterflies quilt #2.  I used the same butterfly fabrics but a consistent neutral fabric  and same fabric for corners.  I may mix up the corner fabrics. I was hoping this layout would also form a different type of secondary pattern - where the corners meet surrounded by the neutral. 

 So...I was reading Ann's blog, Fret Not Yourself, and commented on her post about Monarchs and Milkweed that I had recently found out that a flock of butterflies was a kaleidoscope and had been thinking about making a kaleidoscope of butterflies quilt and she suggested a monthly link.  See her blog post today. 
Pic I took of Butterfly on my Zinnias 2008

Let's keep it casual. Here are the parameters:

1. Celebrate butterflies and other pollinators with photos of butterflies, pupae, or larvae in your area and/or the plants they feed on AND/OR2. Use butterfly fabric OR3. Use any kaleidoscope or butterfly pattern (Don't forget those fabulous designs by Paula Nadelstern!)

Another pic I took of butterfly on my zinnias.  Note zinnia fabric in first photo on bottom right. 

So, here's looking at you, kid! 

Let us know if you're interested in the Kaleidoscope of Butterflies link up starting February 1. 
Let's celebrate butterflies! 


Ann said...

Oh, I'm loving your kaleidoscope of butterfly quilts. So many wonderful butterfly prints. AND your butterfly photos are fabulous. Looking forward to this linkup.

Vic in NH said...

Eeek, my one butterfly photo is of a bumblebee, the fat ugly cousins of butterflys.

gayle said...

Your butterfly quilts are just breathtaking!
I can't wait to see this linkup!

Mystic Quilter said...

Cathy I'm going to join in - left a comment for Anne also. I love your butterfly fabrics, so bright!

Kaja said...

I love your first butterfly quilt, so am excited to see how this second version will work out.

Stephie said...

I love your quilts Cathy - and I think a link up will be wonderful!