Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Another UFO I hope to finish as a Christmas gift for my daughter who wants some holiday lap quilts.but doesn't want to bother to learn to sew so she can make her own holiday quilts.  
I have no idea why I ever started this since making these 6 inch blocks is very very very boring. 
It will be 60 x 72 if it ever gets finished. (It will...I swear...this year)
I need 120 blocks total and now have 80. 
Hope to have it finished in October. 
I have all fabric cut and have not made a dent in my Valentine fabrics. 

Updated October 6...
To have at least a quilt top completed by October end would be a nice goal for ALYoF. 
I just remembered I haven't posted an Oct goal! 

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antique quilter said...

this is so cute! my DD would love it too
never collected valentine fabric but now I want to!
thanks for sharing and i know you can finish it in October!!!!