Thursday, September 25, 2014

At the Crossroads

And the UFO saga continues...
Arkansas Crossroads
I made four more 16 inch blocks this weekend.  
The quilt will be queen-sized. 
I wait until I have some neutral scraps for the Xs and some blue scraps for the X corners to make more blocks.  I had blue snowflake scraps left over from the Snowball Nine Patch quilt I was supposed to get finished up this month.  And the neutral scraps were left over from the green Dandy blocks I've been making to use up my green chunky scraps. 
I always have a box of 2.5 inch scraps to cut and use for the 16 patches.  I'm not sure how those scraps get into that box.  I'm thinking fairies are to blame.  More on those fairies later. 


Dasha said...

Scraps breed like rabbits Cathy! Mine are becoming unmanageable again. But that block of yours looks like a great way to use them up

Vic in NH said...

Arkansas Crossroads is very inspiring and I love the way you have built an order into the fairly chaotic pattern. Scrap quilts are the best! The fairies at my house leave piles of 2 1/2" strips, LOL!

Julierose said...

I just wish the fairies would "pre-cut" my scraps for me har har. Love that Crossroads piece...really great use of scraps..hugs, Julierose

Terri said...

Send your fairies to my house. I have a few, sent by lovely blog friends, but not nearly enough for an AC. Love the scrappiness of it all.