Friday, March 21, 2014

UFO Finish for QOV

A 60x80 Quilt of Valor. 

I think I explained in my original post  that I made these 24 inch crumb stars last year when red was the color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

I quilted it on my plain Jane DSM. Some of the stars are quilted with some spirals...

 ...and some are quilted with lines.
And everything else in between is quilted with loops and stars. 
And the binding is stars. 

The backing is some red, white blue guitars and skull and crossbones. 

I'm not sure how skulls and crossbones go with guitars or lightning bolts.  But it is kind of fun. 

And speaking of QOV...Kevin the Quilter is having a block drive. The blocks are really easy to make. I have my 5 blocks ready to go. These QOV quilts will go to veterans in eastern Missouri. 


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Beautiful Quilt! I love the crumbs ;-)

Ellen said...

Fantastic finish! I am partial to crumb blocks as well.