Monday, March 17, 2014

The Closest Thing to Spring Around Here Are the Pansies and Roses on My Fabrics

I made more 6 inch blocks for my pansy quilt which has been a UFO for a while.  Looks like the last time I made any blocks was May 2013. 

I love pansies and plant plenty of them each year in pots on my deck.

I'm going to keep making these blocks ( I think the block name is Prairie Flower) until all my pansy fabric is used up.  I've been collecting pansy fabrics for years so I have a lot more blocks to go. 

Eventually I hope to make a queen-sized quilt for the bed to go with the wall border I made of vintage postcards...and to go with the pansy curtains...and the pansy lamp shades...and the pansy wall hangings...and the pansy pillowcases...and the pansy candle holders.      I think the only thing in the bedroom that isn't pansy themed is my husband and the quilts on the bed. 

I also made more 12 inch Rosebud blocks

I hope to make these blocks until I use up all my rose themed fabrics. 

I love roses too. I grow several varieties of old-fashioned roses out in the flower gardens. Unfortunately the deer and rabbits sure like to eat the rose canes during the winter so I lose a few roses every year due to their damage. Pesky varmits! Rascally rabbits!  

That's it for my "Design Wall" today. Other blog land design walls can be found at Patchwork Times today. 

So...this is as close as it gets to spring around here in eastern Iowa. It snowed again Saturday night and the temperature was 13 degrees F when I left for work this morning. I see no daffodils or tulips sprouting and no signs of crocus - the first flowers that blooms around here in the Spring.  And I need to wear garden clogs to walk around the rest of the wet and muddy property.   I usually plant my potatoes around Good Friday...but might not make it this year.  

Sophie, of Block Lotto, suggested we blog about Spring this month.   And so I have. 


Churn Dash said...

It's fun to have a collection of fabrics and then combine them. I love the pansy blocks, they are so very cheerful.

I think our grass is starting to green up, I think spring is almost here.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Your pansy quilt is very pretty! Looks like it has pantone's color of the year, Radiant Orchid, in it. Very timely for this UFO!

Willow River Piecemakers said...

I have a friend that loves pansy fabric..will be sharing it!