Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwing in the Towel...

...a hotpad or two, a crocheted dishcloth and a refrigerator magnet and wrapping it all in a bow so I can get a bunch of these sets sent off to family and friends. 

I like to embroider on dishtowels and give them away every Christmas. 

And make my own hotpads, nice and thick and full of Insulbrite and an old terrycloth towel (chickens on the back and 16 patch on the front)  

I previously blogged about some dishtowels I embroidered with veggies and so made some veggie hotpads to go with those sets.  I had also bought some cute vintage looking veggie fabric for the backs of the hotpads but, for the life of me, couldn't find it when it came time to get these made. I had some of the jar fabric in my scraps so that's what I used. And then when I was finished I found the cute vintage looking veggie fabric I had intended to use. 

Sometimes I make quilt sandwiches of fabric scraps, Insulbrite and whatever (cotton batting, terrycloth, etc) to practice some freemotion stitching on my DSM. So, while I was making hotpads I decided to get these bound for some personal hotpads.   I practiced a couple of feathers which I never did use on any quilts, and some leaves which I did use on a couple of quilts...

...and some flowers which I've used on several quilts. 


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Donna M said...

Oh,what great gifts...useful, but made by your hand. That is awesome. Just love vintage embroidery patterns, too.