Monday, December 23, 2013

Ok. I Admit It. I Love Baskets.

I'm going into the new year with many, many UFOs. Three of them involve basket blocks.  I think these are really Cake Stand blocks with the 2 end HSTs flipped the other way. But anyway, they look like baskets to me. I made several blocks last year in red, blues and purples and decided to fill them all with something.  Somewhere along the line I also decided I needed to add some yellows to the mix so made a few more blocks yesterday and cut the fabrics for several more blocks now that I know I like the yellow in the mix. 

Some of the old blocks. (You may see that between the old blocks and the new blocks I made yesterday that I changed the way I make the bottom of the basket. )

Earlier this year I participated in a 30s reproduction scrappy basket swap. But, there's not enough blocks yet to make a BIG quilt like I want... I made more baskets using the extra HSTs I made while piecing blocks for my 30s tulip blocks. 

...I don't have any idea how I will set them but I still don't think I have enough blocks. 

And the third basket block UFO consists of 35+ Banded Basket blocks I won from Block Lotto. 

And that's my "Design Wall" today. 
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Podunk Pretties said...

Love all your basket blocks! The HST's are screaming at me "Make Me, Make me!"

Sharon said...

Those are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I've made a few baskets for the Fat Quarter shop's mystery BOM

They are cute indeed!

sophie said...

I'll admit it. I love basket (blocks), too! I love cake stand blocks a lot ... and those scrappy baskets. You have a nice collection. It will be fun to watch what you make from them.

Terri said...

The rebel in me wants you to add them all together and make one strange quilt. LOL
Love your blocks.

Audrey--Quilty Folk said...

What's not to love about baskets? hehe Yours are fabulous. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Love the reproduction fabrics..I did a dresden with fabrics from the 30s and had so much fun with them!