Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crumb Snatchers

Crumb Snatchers is the name of our little sewing group - my two eight year old granddaughters and me. They first learned about seams by sewing together old sheets I had ripped apart into strips. Now they have moved on to crumbs and strips and are making their parents a little pillow for Christmas. And after that they will make a hotpad for them.  Here Belle (aka Isabelle/Izzy/Bellarina) models with a chunk of mushroom fabric she chose to work with because her family loves to go mushroom hunting.

Here she is with the front of her pillow which is stuffed but the opening not yet sewn shut. She picked fabrics with things her family loves...birds, hot peppers, roses, and anything Irish...

...and here's the back of her pillow with fish and mushrooms and a special strip on which she wrote some lovely sentiments as well as the date she made it.   I think she also noticed she her pillow had a big indent in it which we decided to call character.
 And here is Crumb Snatcher Kayla still working away on her pillow back. Unfortunately the pins in her seam were facing the wrong way and after I told her that her smile was not as big.
And here is the front of Kayla's pillow.  Of course her main fabric has hearts. That is so Kayla.   And now I'm wondering why Belle is in the background looking so grouchy.   I think she wanted me to show her how to hand stitch her opening shut and I told her she had to wait until slowpoke Kayla had hers stuffed so I could show them both at the same time what had to be done.

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