Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grandma's Sewing Room

The UFO I've been working on a little bit here and there for the last couple of weeks has been my spools quilt aka "Grandma's Sewing Room" .   I didn't have enough blocks to complete the top but now I'm glad to say I have a lap quilt flimsy.  Spools are 6.5 inch and all are red, black and aqua.  There's a few other blocks in this quilt so I don't want to show the entire flimsy just yet. 

Unfortunately, I'm my own quilt police. It bothers me when things don't come together quite right. I can live with a little wonky, but not much. This quilt is just for me and I know I will always look at it and know where the "bad spots" are.  So, I put a pin at those spots (see below) . I will rip and hand sew these spots back together again until it meets my own standards.

 And speaking of ripping...I added a border of sewing items. I've added the border to the two sides. I think I should have added a thin black border before I added the border seen here. So, I'm stalled for now.

I have to figure out how to quilt my Attic Windows now. I don't want to destroy the 3D effect. Any ideas??? 


Stella Nemeth said...

How about some straight lines in the window sashings? Then you could do interesting filler patterns in the windows.

Danielle Hudson said...

Your 3D effect is amazing! I'm not sure how to quilt it, but if you stitch in the ditch around the windows, you might want to use clear thread so not to distract from the 3D effect.

Rockester said...

Lovely quilts! That 3-d window quilt is going to be awesome!!! Bravo!