Sunday, May 20, 2012

HST Is Not a Disease

HST is not a disease although I did stay away from them for the longest time because I had a difficult time making them the correct size or the same size, etc. I've found Half Square Triangles are easy to make when I use an Easy Angle ruler to cut them. 

I'm even able to match up points now most of the time. 

 I love this Dandy block with the clematis. I love clematis and have several varieties growing in the gardens. 

Art imitates life.  My Jackmanii clematis. 

This is a different variety growing up the side of the barn. 

Jackmanii and friend. 

And, back to HSTs. I decided to border my Dandy Garden quilt with HSTs. I'm not usually a border girl but I tried something new. I hung it on the clothesline to take a pic but it was blowing in the wind like all my answers, my friend. 

Dandy Flower Garden with HST borders. A Flimsy. 


Wonky Girl said...

That one is a real beauty! I'm wondering if it was from your stash. So many beautiful fabrics!

Tatyana Ratcliffe said...