Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Turtle Pin Cushion

I made a "Little Turtle Pin Cushion" that I'm going to include in a beginner's sewing kit of items. I hope to add a lot of neat things and make a box for each of my GDs for Christmas. They will be both be 8 by then and I'll probably have the patience to teach them to use the sewing machine. In fact they may both get low end sewing machines to go with their beginner sewing kits. Hear that, Santa?

Tutorial for pincushion was from Kathy Shaw's blog but mine does not look as good as hers. I had to do a patch job on the head. I must not have sewn it in far enough and when I pulled on it to stuff it with leftover shredded batting I pulled it off! So, I had to open the seam and stitch it by hand back into place. I wasn't about to take all the stuffing back out that little hole, resew seam and then stuff it back up. GD won't notice.

Now I have to make a second one for the other GD. And it will probably have to be pink or she won't like it.

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