Saturday, February 11, 2012

All That Glitters is Not Really Gold

This is my work on Karen's block in a Fool's Gold RR. This is not the traditional goldwork but instead is done with cheaper and what we call fool's gold embellishments.  I've been waiting for a book on traditional goldwork to arrive so I could follow some traditional methods but couldn't wait any longer so started right in on Karen's block. I had no idea what to stitch for her but when her booklet mentioned she liked grapevines I decided to give her some.  

I first made a vine from several different gold trims couched down. 

The leaves are two pieces of a couple of different types of organdy ironed together with interfacing in the middle. Of course the gooey interfacing stuck to the iron because the organdy is porous so the second time I put a piece of computer paper over it all to iron it together.  I then traced some leaf shapes onto the organdy and stitched them onto the vines. I also stitched around some leaves in the hoop and cut them out and added them as leaves that are kind of freestanding because the fabric is so stiff. 

Grapes are two different types of purple fabric I had in my stash - one is a variegated fairy frost and the other is gold flecked. Those too were ironed together with interfacing in between to keep raw edges from fraying. I cut out little circles from both fabrics to use for grapes. I first stab stitched down a little cushion of felt then put the grapes on top and buttonhole stitched around them with gold thread. I supposed traditional goldwork would have couched gold around them but this is Fool's Goldwork - a new type of stitchery. 

When all the grapes and such were complete I was left with a blank corner so decided on a fluttery butterfly from some organza wire rimmed gold ribbon. I cut 4 butterflies from two different types of ribbons, stacked them, added a bead body and gold feelers (I almost said antlers). 

I noticed when I cut the butterflies that I had some gold covered wire left from the sides of the ribbon. Voila, I curled them around a crochet hook and had some tendrils for the grapevines. 


ARLENE said...

She will be so pleased; love your work.

susanm said...

This is very interesting learning something new every day and thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

What a great look! "cheap" goldwork

Marjolein said...

Lovely block!
Thank you for explaining how you handled the organza.