Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mug Rug Mania

I wish I liked the look of binding sewn on by machine. I got tired of sewing the binding after about 3 mug rugs but had made 22 so I finally plowed through the stack.

I'm going to give some to those people I always like to give a little something and I'll use some as stocking stuffers. Here's the ones I made for coffee or hot chocolate lovers. I'll give a mug stuffed with mug rug, some packages of coffee or hot chocolate and a snack. I should be making cookies or little loaves of breads to give but I am just not in the mood this year.

Here's the mug rugs I made for the tea lovers.

And here's the ones I made for the little boys who will be out for Christmas - a few grand nephews and a grandson. I found these mugs where the kids can design their own mug insert. I'll put a hot chocolate and a fruit snack inside, wrap mug rug around and then tie it all up with a bow.

And here's the little girl's version. I have lots of grand nieces. This latest generation has lots and lots of girls.

And, I just know I'm going to have to explain to the whole family that the piece of cloth is a mug rug - a little placemat for mug and snack. I'm turning into my aunts who always sent us something for Christmas that left us scratching our heads and wondering what the heck it was.  (Why oh why did I spend all that time sewing on all that binding? )


Wendy said...

Like you I always hand sew the binding as I don't care for machine sewn binding. Your mug rugs are beautiful and you have been a busy girl....

Laurie said...

How cute! I have only 4 coasters to finish for my niece that I started a couple weeks ago to match her table topper, what's holding me up? The binding! I feel the same way you do Cathy!