Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flowers in Winter

The following are some pics from some RRs I am participating in:
This is Lauri's 6 inch angel themed block. I added 4 different seam treatments in variegated DMC then framed Lauri's silkie with silk ribbon flowers. I tatted a butterfly for upper right and made a bullion fantasy flower for lower right.

This is a different type of RR where everyone stitches on one large block. This is Ely's roses themed block. I added sweetheart roses, spider web roses and bullion roses around the fairy center and added a crocheted butterfly.

And this is Ely's block after Arlene, Paula and I have stitched on it. One more lady needs to add her stitching and then it's going home to Ely.

This is another rose themed RR block. This time it is for Meg and she requested yellow roses so I added a large one plus some other rosebuds and flowers... some bullion rosebuds.

This is Meg's block after Rita, Ruby and me. Then it's on to Kathy to stitch on and then home to Meg who says she will auction it off for Texas firefighters.


Laurie said...

Your work is so beautiful Cathy, and of course I'm very partial to the work you've done on my angel block! It's awesome, and I can't wait til they come back home to see this in person!!!!

Mrs Muhammad said...

Hi !

I just loved your works. Amazing ! I would like your suggestions as I have just started learning stiching. Can you tell me whether I can make these stuff at home?

Also, what do I need to learn (embroidery , block print etc) in order to make stuff like your beautiful products?

Please reply, I'll really appreciate it.