Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is my stitching on a "traditional RR" block which means it is a larger block than the usual 6 inch DYB RR blocks I work on. I like to work bigger every once in a while. The theme for everyone in this RR is roses, roses, roses. This is Arlene's block and this is one corner I did for her.  First I put down white lace with a rose motif, then meandered organdy ribbon and french knots over the lace. Next I did some stem stitch and bullion rosebuds. Finally I added a 3D butterfly I crocheted.

This is what I stitched up in the opposite corner. I added more lace with a rose motif and then outline stitched around the motifs with one strand of DMC metallic effects and one strand of regular DMC. I did the same with what I supposed were leaves. Chain stitch and full bullion roses trimmed off the lace. Top corner had beads and spider web roses. The big rose and leaves I made following directions in "A Passion for Ribbonry" by Camela Nitschke - a book I have had on my shelf for some time. Lucky for me I got a large (and I mean very large) roll of the pinkish wire edged ribbon on sale at Hobby Lobby because they were closing it out. It's shimmers in the light with sort of yellowish overtones. I think it looks like the wild roses that grow around here in our woods and try to invade my semi-controlled flower gardens. The wild rose is the state flower of Iowa where I live.

And this is Arlene's block after my business has been done on it. Four other stitchers will follow.


ARLENE said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Wendy said...

Your work on this block is beautiful! I simply love the butterfly!