Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Heart ornaments were requested for a lady who lost her gardens in hurricane Irene.

And handmade Christmas ornaments were also requested for some Texas fire victims who lost everything. I made these folded fabric ornaments which I haven't made in a long time. Since I had my stuff out I made the one with the shamrock fabrics for someone who loves all things Irish. I forgot how much fun these were to make. I also forgot how time consuming they are to make too. And it took me hours to find where I had hidden my glue gun which I needed to finish them off with the button and bow top.

See Kathy Shaw's blog for more info on the collection of items for the Texas fire victims.

'Twas a cold and misty, moisty morning so didn't work outside today on day 3 of vacation. Instead I flexed my bones and muscles pinning a queen sized quilt  (laid out on the floor) so I can put it under the sewing machine for quilting tomorrow.

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