Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've sewn  together my 6 blocks for a "Sew It Up" CQ Round Robin. This plus other blocks, I think, will end up as a sewing machine cover. Out here in the country with windows open my house tends to get dusty and so does my machine.

These are my blocks for an "All About Angels" DYB CQ Round Robin. My angels are cherubs and I love all things roses and valentines. Surprise, surprise! Most people who know me don't envision me as a romantic but I am. These will turn into a bell pull.

And I'm otherwise very busy with work, swaps, rrs and I just canned some dill pickles. With the rain and and above average temps and my bout with Guillaine Barre the veggie garden is looking pretty weedy. And I don't even think I can find the flower gardens anymore.

Busy? Yes...I'm a busy body, busy person and sometimes I make busy blocks.

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