Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jars of Basil Hotpads

Are they hotpads or potholders? I am getting a jump on Christmas by making some hotpads. I don't know why my family loves potholders so much for Christmas gifts but they do.

These are the first in a "series" of hotpads featuring jars. I made a 6 inch jar block and decided I wanted 8 inch finished hotpads leaving me to think I needed to add 2.5 strips all around. When I added the first strip to the side I realized my mistake so only added another strip to the bottom. Then I used a decorative stitch (which sometimes got out of control )on my sewing machine to quilt them. Unfortunately one of the backs had the fabric switched the wrong way. That will be mine now. I padded some with insulbright and batting and others with two layers of old towels.

I think the next jars will be filled with mushrooms for the mushroom hunters on my list.  I guess I will have to make a few candy jars too for those on my list who don't cook, don't eat fruits and veggies and who love candy.

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