Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey! I Won a Prize!!!

This booty is what I won for completing a CQ UFO (Crazy Quilt Unfinished Object) for Crazy Judyth's Challenge over on CQ for Newbies Yahoo Group. Thank you, C.J.! I never win anything.

This is my finished UFO. I have since added a tassel at the bottom. This adorable bellpull hangs on my bedroom wall now where I have pansy curtains, pansy postcards for a wallpaper border, pansy bedroom is everything pansy except for my husband when he's in it.
And what follows are some closeups of the bellpull. I am glad C.J. challenged us to complete a UFO or I probably would still have blocks still buried on my bookshelf. I'm thankful to all who voted for my UFO since I was one of 3 prize winners. And I'm thankful to Judyth for such a wonderful prize.

1 comment:

Debbie S. said...

Cathy your bell pull is beautiful. I love everything pansy's and roses. Your bell pull would be a perfect way to use DYB rr blocks. The blocks you have match so well, I love all the different types of pansies you've added.