Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chocolate Tour

I was in a Encrusted Round Robin (RR). I picked chocolate for my theme and made a 13 inch block. I got carried away with all the chocolate fabric in my stash. Then on it went to four ladies to embellish. Here's a tour of what all they did. I love it and I know it was a challenge for some ladies to work on it.


Ruby said...

I don't think it would help my cravings only encourage them!! LOL! This is a fun block. Great work ladies!

CarolynPhi said...


What a wonderful little wall quilt, it's going to look great in your office -- however, I suspect it ain't gonna make you NOT want a candy bar in the afternoon...LOL!!!

With Love,

Rose Anne B said...

Ohhhh Cathy I LOVE how you photographed it so it had dimension - just LOVELY!!! BUT I too agree with the girls that it would just drive me CRAZY and I'd be munching all day instead of just 3:00 pm!!! Can't wait to see it finished.