Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fairies and Hearts - Finishes This Weekend

I finished work on a fairy cq block. There was no particular fairy type on this block so I embroidered fairies walking over the tops of flowers. I love the pastels Arlene used on her block.

This block is Darlene's. Featured on it is a "wayfaring tree fairy". I did a little homework to discover that the wayfaring tree is a viburnum but different from the viburnum I have in my yard. It blooms with clusters of white flowers followed by red and black berries in the fall. I tried to depict that with my embroidery. I loved the combination of deep purple, pink and green that Darlene used on this block. That's why I picked this one to embroider.

This was Carolyn's block for the Heart CQ RR. I had to embroider 1/5 of it. Carolyn left a center block with a flower stem and leaves so I added a crocheted heart to the stem and added a few more stems with heart shell buttons. I also crocheted a basket and added silk ribbon flowers and a heart button. One of the seam treatments is wrapped chain hearts with a bullion rose in the center.

My fingers are staying nimble.

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