Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Feral or Free Range?

Meet the Ferals, Cat's Meow, or Free Rangers? 
40 x 60
It's finished.
It's one of the quilts I'm donating for silent auction at a benefit for my Son-in-Law who has Acute Myeloid Leukemia and may soon need a bone marrow transplant. 
For all who have sent prayers and good thoughts our way...please keep it up. Thank you. 

Happy Blocks are quick and easy and fun.  I figure everyone loves cats and stripes and polka dots so why not make a quilt with cats. 

These blocks have 6.5 inch centers and 2.5 inch sides. I have a lot of polka dots and stripes so chose that for the block sides.  And the binding ended up in polka dots. 

I had this piece of cat fabric that fit the back just perfectly with a little left over to spare.  I bought it several years ago from a deeply discounted bin. I pieced the batting from leftover pieces of batting 

I quilted it on my DSM (Bro Barney) with spirals.   It's now all washed, nice and soft, and cuddly. 

Inspiration came from Buddy Feral and...

...Free Ranger, Feed Me Too Two (if you ask my husband) aka Muffin (if you ask my grand kids).  

The rest of the cats and kitties hid when it came time for pictures. 


Q9patch72 said...

I like both of them, but because of the backing, I would go with Free Range. By the way, Buddy Feral and Free Range have my vote. They need a body massage, a hug and a kiss. Your family is in my prayers.

gayle said...

I love all your cats - both quilty and fluffy!
Wishing you and all your family the very best.

Cathy said...

What a darling quilt! I hope it raises a lot of money for your DSIL. Well, we've learned from Sally (or was it Molly? LOL) that the preferred term is Free-Range. It's not just for chickens anymore.

Ariane said...

Super cute quilt!! Hope you get lots of donations for your cause. Lots of prayers for your son in law.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Very fun quilt - hope it raises a lot of $$. And the kitty names made me laugh (different depending on who you ask).