Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Butterflies, Kaleidoscopes and Kaleidoscopes of Butterflies

Did you know that a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? I didn't know until last year when someone left that comment on my blog.  Later Ann, of Fret Not Yourself, posted about a kaleidoscope quilt she was making and about butterflies and I commented I was thinking of making a kaleidoscope quilt with some of my butterfly fabrics.   

And then we decided to have a monthly linkup promoting butterflies AND kaleidoscopes. 

I've added to my butterfly kaleidoscope blocks this month.  

I've been trying to make the same numbers of X and + blocks but some blocks aren't contrasting enough to tell which is the darker of the two fabrics, one a butterfly and the other a floral.  I think it will all work out in the end. I've been making the corners in different blue florals. These are 10 inch blocks. 

I was going to add a tutorial this month of how I make kaleidoscope blocks and some tips on making them. I took some photos but that's as far as  I got. Maybe next month. 

I also worked on my waste triangle butterflies.  I've been trying to keep blue TOT fabrics cut and ready for whenever I have some waste triangles so I stay caught up. 

And now I have 89 four inch butterfly blocks.  I was thinking I will stop at 300 or so. And then I was thinking when I assemble them I will assemble in another group of four blocks and add some waste triangles to the center of that group for even more butterflies. 

photo from my garden 2008

And in the real world of butterflies...
Are you interested in attracting Monarchs and other butterflies to your area? 
Then you may be interested in the site Monarch Watch


Ann said...

So many butterfly fabrics. Wow. The floral/butterfly mix will make a meaningful quilt, Cathy. And I love your waste triangle butterflies. Great idea to make more as you join them together.

gayle said...

Those tiny little butterflies just make me giggle every time I see them. And your kaleidoscopes just blow me away - that quilt will be a stunner!

Monica said...

I love the butterfly fabrics in this, Cathy! It's going to be really bright and fun. Onwards!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Love your little triangle butterflies. What a great way to use up your scraps!