Monday, March 9, 2015

Sister's Choice - 35 Down, 13 to Go


A couple of years ago I participated in a civil war repro six inch 9 patch swap.  I ended up with thirty-five 9 patches.  I turned all of the 9 patches into 10 inch Sister's Choice blocks.  These are the last of the swapped blocks turned Sister's Choice.  So, for a throw 60 x 80 I guess I need 13 more blocks. 

I'm on a much needed stay-at-home vacation this week. 
I see some spring cleaning, seed starting and some sewing in my days ahead! Wooohooo. I'm free to do as I darned well please when I darned well please (for a week anyway)!
And, I need to get used to this time change. 


Julierose said...

Oh great that you are having a whole week to do your "stuff"!! Neat blocks--you seem to get a whole lot done every day!
Whereas I "inch" along we could be the tortise and the hare...guess which i am hahaha...hugs, have fun Julierose

audrey said...

Good for you to get a whole week for yourself! Love the bit of pink in your blocks. They look very antique.:)

Nann said...

I think I recognize a couple of the blocks I made for that swap. How funny that you and I both used them in projects this week. Enjoy the time off!

Janet said...

I love these blocks! Such a classic color combo I could never, never get tired of it :0) enjoy your week!!

Vic in NH said...

Wow, you and Nann are inspiring me to get the lead out of whatever is holding me back. I loved that swap! And your blocks are beautiful.

suemac said...

Sounds fun. When I had a garden seed starting was my favorite spring activity.