Monday, July 21, 2014

Jake's Jack's Chain and Kayla's Pickle Dish

I decided to make special quilts as wedding gifts for my grandchildren. 
That way, if I'm not here on their special day I'll be there in spirit. 

Isabelle's brother, Jacob, is 5 and his wedding quilt is Jack's Chain (above).  I finished a row this weekend to add to the quilt but still have far to go especially since I'm going to hand quilt it.  There's a lot of Y seams in this quilt and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. My secret is NOT to pin but to sew slowly. 

I'm using Kona navy for the hexagons and some bright (and some wild) 3 inch 9 patches - a lot of them are from past swaps. 

My other 9 year old granddaughter, Kayla, will get a Pickle Dish. I think this will be an easier assembly than Isabelle's Double Wedding Ring. 

I finally got around to paper piecing a few more arches this weekend for her quilt too.  I should count how many I have now. 

Kayla's quilt will have pink, yellow, orange and aqua arches and the fabric you see them laying on will be the corner fabric for the blocks.  I can't decide on a center to use that will connect the arches. 


Or this? 

Or neither? 


Any suggestions? 


Andee said...

What a wonderful idea! I have a friend who has a top her grandmother made for her wedding--her gma passed on before the day but my friend is holding on to it to be quilted when the day comes. :)

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I like the polka dot for the center, but then that is what I am using on mine. LOL The Jack's chain quilt is a very interesting pattern. I don't think I have seen that one before.

Julierose said...

I like the little rose bud on navy center a lot...sweetens up those pickles LOL hugs, Julierose

ipatchandquilt said...

Polka dots for me please !
I love your wedding quilts for the grandkids!!!

diane said...

Like that you're thinking ahead for the grandkids and they will too.
Jack's Chain and Pickle Dish are two on my bucket list of quilts. Just recently got the pattern for Jack's Chain so getting closer to starting.
Love your black and bright colors and the fabrics themselves are wonderful.

Julierose said...

I just love that Pickle Dish pattern! I hear it's hard to put together tho' But my {heart} says love, love love it! I may have to try a block to see how it goes....hugs, Julierose p.s. and I STill love that little old fashioned rosebud fabric best--maybe cause I'm older than dirt LOL

cityquilter grace said...

always loved jack's chain pattern and this one is lovely....getting tempted here big time!

Ramona said...

I have wanted to make a pickle dish quilt for a while, but I have never seen Jack's chain before. I LOVE your quilt!! This quilt is definitely going on my quilt list. And what a wonderful gift you are giving your grandchildren.

Julie said...

Love jacks quilt - wondering if you could machine sew the 9 patches then hand sew /epp the rest. Maybe I'd Epp it all as a slow project.

Anonymous said...

How did you do your binding? Did you use bias binding? Any other tips on the binding would be appreciated? Thanks! Colleen