Monday, May 5, 2014

Design Wall-less Monday

No design wall here - just a cutting mat propped against the wall with a piece of leftover batting on it to which I stick blocks. 

Grandma had no design wall so what was good enough for grandma's quilts is good enough for me, I guess. 

BUT, if I did have a design wall you would see 26 baskets of something on the wall and not just these six new 10 inch blocks I just finished.  That makes 22 more blocks to go on this UFO.  I do know what the 22 will be filled with now...fabrics are all cut and ready. 

I'm off to see what everyone else has on their Design Wall, makeshift or not. 


Julierose said...

Love to see what you are stuffing your cute baskets with!! Neat! hugs, Julierose

Prima Donna said...

Love your filled baskets. I think grandma would be proud.

Toni Macomb said...

I had a design wall at my other house but not at my new tiny one. I spent hours organizing the blocks. But now I think "if it's not going to hang on a wall, how important can placement be?" I guess we all adapt to what we have! Cute baskets!