Monday, February 17, 2014

Beads on a String

Well, I punched in at work at 6 a.m. and left work at 9 a.m.   There is a winter weather advisory in effect for most of the day. We are supposed to get 6-7 inches of snow mixed with sleet at times and high winds that will cause low visibility, blowing and drifting.  I live out in the country and have a long commute time so thought I should try to get home before I get stuck at work.   And so now that gives me time to catch up on blog hopping and answering emails (while I still have internet).  And, it leaves time for sewing. 

This month's block at Block Lotto is Bead on a String on white background with beads in orange, yellow, maroon.  There's no maroon in my stash and very little orange or yellow but I managed to squeeze out a few blocks.  I don't really think I'm a fan of circles but just had to try to make a few. 

Mod-Mod QAL on the Block Lotto
I'm also participating in the Block Lotto Mod Mod QAL so had to (well, I guess I really didn't have to but I did) make 13 beads for my Full/Queen sized quilt. 

I'm making my Mod Mod quilt in complementary colors so here is what I ended up from my pile of scraps.  I need 4 sets of three sewn together and one single. 

And  the beads will be mixed with my January Block Lotto Chevron blocks... this configuration from the Mod Mod QAL Feb update

I think this quilt is definitely going to be wild. 

If this all looks interesting, fun and/or challenging join up at Block Lotto and get in on the action! 

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Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Stay safe and warm! Love your bead blocks - that will be an amazing quilt!