Saturday, June 1, 2013

Using Up Yellow

Yellow is the color for June  for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC).   I don't have many yellow scraps. I used some 2.5 inch pieces in this yellow/brown top I finished this weekend. The twelve inch blocks I won in a block lottery on the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild Yahoo Group. I have many more but I used 6 in this top. 

I made some 6 inch wonky stars and used white/cream and yellow as background and brown scraps for the points and centers. 

The middle row I just sewed together brown/yellow/cream/orange 2.5 inch scraps. And for the bottom row I used 2.5 inch yellow scraps for the 6 inch snowball corners.  This quilt, when finished, will go to either Quilts Beyond Borders or Wrap a Smile. 

Yellow doesn't look so bright when used with brown.   

On the other hand....

...yellow looks quite bright in these 8 inch blocks.   I made bow tie crumb blocks but since I didn't have many yellow crumbs I combined yellow with orange and red crumbs. 

I used more 2.5 inch yellow or orange scraps for the rest of the bow tie...

..and used some hot pink for the background.   This is waaaaay too bright for me but I think some kid somewhere will probably like it.   My 4 year old grandson likes it so far.  He was here this weekend and to keep him busy and out of his sister and cousin's hair I asked him to help me pick out little red, yellow and orange scraps from a giant box of little scraps. He did a great job and had a lot of fun and was ready for me to give him another color but the sun finally came out so we worked in the flower garden instead.  I'm so lucky to have such a sweet little helper. 

To see what other's have done with their yellow scraps visit ScrapHappy Saturday at SoScrappy's blog. 

I think I've used up most of my yellow scraps already!


Deb A said...

Great idea to mix all the warm colors together.

Karen said...

OMG. Oh so many beautiful yellow blocks.

scraphappy said...

Yellow does look WAY brighter with pink than with brown. I am sure someone will love a quilt with such happy blocks.

Sheila said...

Love your blocks! And your quilt top! Such a sweet little helper you have there. He will always remember helping you with quilting and gardening.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I think it is so fun to play with different color combinations... something to be learned from every quilt! I've started saving my small stuff for crumb blocks in the future after sewing your amazing work.