Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crazy Cravings

I've finished a block for the CQJP 2013 Journal Project. It is one of what will be 20- 12 inch blocks for a lap quilt I'm calling Crazy Cravings. It will be mostly worked in aqua, pink, cream and browns and be full of all the fattening things I constantly crave. Cookies, cupcakes, specialty coffee is represented on this block.

Since the blocks need to be washable I won't be using any beads but I will be using buttons. I found these cute gingerbread boy buttons that feel kind of rubbery. Each block will have some sort of embroidery motif like my cqjp 2012 Crazy Basket Case lap quilt. I used purchased pink lace in upper left corner but I hope to crochet some lace edgings from some old patterns I have in my possession.

 Close up photo to show some of the seam treatments.
-The arched seam is just straight stitches. I used 2 strands of brown for middle arch and used antique gold for the outer arches because small cupcake fabric has gold in it. Bullions connect the arches.
-rick rack is stitched down with variegated silk thread chains, pistil stitches and lazy daisies.
-aqua/teal variegated double lazy daisy flowers with french knot centers
- herringbone seam stitched once in 3 strands of brown DMC and then again with 3 strands of tan DMC

And then there's the cookie. I cut a cookie motif from some fabric and appliqued it on to the block. I left a small space for stuffing with some left over batting and then stitched closed and further embellished.

I haven't forgotten about my CQJP 2012 lap quilt - Crazy Basket Case. It is still a WIP. I will post an update on that tomorrow (if I remember).

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Suztats said...

This looks so yummy! I think it would prove too fattening for me to have these temptations around all the time. Love the sugar cookie!