Monday, September 24, 2012

Where the Bats Fly Sideways...

 I made some reversible trick or treat bags for the grandkids, Isabelle and Kayla both aged 7 and Jacob, age 3.  The girls get spiders on the outside and Jacob gets candy.
And on the reverse, Jacob gets eyeballs (he loved them on the I Spy quilt) and the girls get bats  (which I didn't notice until this picture were flying sideways).

They aren't allowed to wear costumes or have Halloween parties at school anymore. I don't understand that. What will be banned next? - scary/gorey books with  fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood?

My grandkids love scary. They love to turn out the lights and play with glow sticks and make up scary stories that include themselves.  They love to watch the old black and white scary movies (like Thirteen Ghosts). My kids always loved scary too. In the old days when we didn't have much money we would pop up a big bowl of popcorn dripping in butter, turn out the lights and listen to scary old radio show tapes. The kids still remember their favorite episodes.

I might use some glow in the dark paint on some of those eyeballs. That might be scary. The story of why bats fly sideways at grandma's house might be scary too.

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