Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm Not a Fabric Snob - All Fabrics Mix It Up in Scrap Vomit

I find it rather interesting that some folks who eschew traditional quilt guilds do so because they don't like the "quilt police" who turn up their noses at wonky points and uneven seams and yet those same folks never fail to mention on their blogs the fabric designer of the fabrics they use in their modern quilts.

And as for me? I don't join quilt guilds because I'm very shy and I've never had time between working and raising kids to join anything.  I sometimes sew wonky and sometimes I'm precise. What other people do with their quilts doesn't bother me. And as for fabrics...I like them all, use them all, and I don't ever remember (or care) who designed it or made it. I don't care who writes or produces the movies I watch either.

Grandma used old clothes to make her quilts. I loved her quilts. I loved to look at all the fabrics in them. And sometimes grandma would tell me stories about those old clothes that also led to stories of how she made it through the Great Depression and stories about my dad.

I like scrappy quilts. Old fabrics, new fabrics, floral fabrics, novelty fabrics, designer fabrics and children's fabrics all get along in a scrappy quilt. I've made several postage stamp quilts but was looking for a new twist on the postage stamp to use up some 2.5 inch scraps when I happened across the Scrap Vomit quilt.  I liked  the concept and liked the name so...I'm showing off 9 blocks of scraps.  I tried not to repeat any but see a few duplicates.

So, do you know who designed or produced any of these fabrics? I don't. But I know what projects they were used in. See any seams that don't match up? Are you the quilt police? ;-)

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Lesley UK said...

What a great idea. Do you mind if I steal it? I'v even got some of the same fabrics. Such a lovely splash of colour. It's made my day. luv and Blessings Lesley UK