Monday, March 5, 2012

Aqua or Turquoise?

I finished 24 blocks for the Heartstrings Quilt Project  which is what is necessary for a child size quilt. I had enough different aqua (or is that turquoise?)  fabrics to use as the center of the blocks and the rest are from the novelty string bin. I tried to use all different fabrics for kind of an I Spy type quilt. I put some aqua fabric that I think will be enough for borders next to it and will hopefully get all blocks sent off to the volunteers to complete at the end of this week. Now I think I still have enough strings for another adult sized quilt (48 9.5 inch blocks) and another child size (24 9.5 inch blocks) if I can find some fabric for centers for each. 

I think this quilt can be for a boy or girl because it's full of sugar and spice and everything nice and snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. 


Jubilee Reviews said...

I love this. I have been collecting strings for years, and these look just great.

Mary Johnson said...

It looks great! I also make some of my child size HS quilts an I Spy type. I think they turn out fun and like you I always have novelty fabrics left over from other quilts.